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About Us

We are No.1 site for online courses.

DBATALENT is part of Kanna Group of Educational Institutes, which is one of the most respected educational institute group in South India. At DBATALENT, we have committed trainers with Decades of Industry Expertise as well as the Training expertise. It is a rear combination of expertise which only the trainers at DBATALENT have.

We specialize in Oracle Technologies and our trainers are Certified, Experienced and Great Teachers. We constantly update the curriculum as the Oracle introduces new features and technologies which makes us special.

Online Learning has redefined the way the World learns. However, training has always been about the expertise and skills of the Teacher. DBATALENT expert online training is a proven and unique technique where in the students feel as comfortable as a classroom instructor-led training.

We specialize in Oracle DBA, Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle RAC, Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration and Oracle Enterprise Management.

Virtual or On-Demand learning is a unique training methodology where the DBATALENT experts have professionally recorded their tutorials. High Quality Video, Audio and Presentation Skills along with the flexibility of learning from Any Device, Any Time, Any Where are the assets of Virtual Learning. 

DBATALENT gives the students our proprietary certificates 

Now, students can avail high performance servers for Practicing resource intenstive technologies like Oracle RAC, Oracle Data Guard etc. The Cloud Servers are accessible Any Time from Any Device. 

DBATALENT gives an option for students who would like to buy multiple courses for an impressive price. Packages help students to master an entire track like Oracle DBA, Oracle RAC, RMAN and ASM or Oracle Apps DBA, Oracle Fusion Middleware etc